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For as long as he could remember, the bakery kitchen was his playground. While many children of his age were playing with toy cars and figurines, Our Co-founder Forest Lim spent most of his time playing with the flour and the various baking equipment. 

He watched as his father and his team of bakers did their job every day. Whether it rains or shines, they would bake and present the finest bread to the faithful customers. Some would come every day, just to buy the same bread. Most of the customers had watched Forest grow up. To him, some were like family and the bread was the very reason for their bonding. 

The bonding of love and memories. 

Many years later, as the old Mr. Lim had gone through an operation, he wanted to retire for good. During then, Forest was striving in his job at an architectural firm but he made a decision to take over the role of succession as part of his filial piety to take care of old Mr. Lim.. 

Forest remembered the day as he stood by the kitchen, a thought came to his mind. 

“To many people, loaf bread is just another food on the table. But to us, it is part of our commitment to bond with our customers through the love kneaded into our bread.”

It was at that moment he realized his true calling and the very reason why he had to take over. 

The route of entrepreneurship was tough as Forest had to learn from scratch, from kneading bread dough to planning and purchasing raw materials to hiring and training staff. Every returning customer was the fuel that drives him to work harder.


Forest - Joanne 2

In 2012, he was aided by his newly wedded wife Joanne to walk this journey together. Joanne too learned the rope through the hardships as she spent the earlier days making waffles and scrubbing baking trays. In 2014, in order to stay relevant to the ever-changing retail market, Forest and Joanne rebranded New Generation Confectionery to ‘Cake in Action.’ It was also a celebration of the birth of their second child. 

“We believe every cake has a story to tell. The story from every customer is like scripts given to us and how we ‘take action’ to recreate their memories and love through the cake No matter how many birthdays we celebrate; the birthday cake is always the center of attraction. We hope our cakes are like the ‘star’ of every birthday celebrated. ”

Over the next year, as the new business direction began to settle, Joanne experimented to hone her cake-decoration skills. In 2015, the reward came in the form of countless happy customers who became new fans of the 3D cakes as part of Cake In Action’s repertoire.

Determined to gain experience and exposure to higher standards, Joanne was invited and represented Singapore to participate in the Taiwan Happiness Pastry invitation contest, pitting against renowned pastry masters from Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. She then won 3rd placing on her first showing. 

Cake in Action then went on to participate and won the SBCTA (Singapore bakery and confectionery trade association) Bake-A-Star Championship Singapore and also came in first place for cake decoration and third place for bread category. 

It was a significant accolade for their tireless effort in pursuing perfection. 

Today, Cake in Action is a modernized cake shop with a strong traditional sense.

It is a place where regular customers come daily to buy their bread. 

It is a place where mothers come to design their customized 3D cake for their little ones.

It is a place where the next generation comes to play with the dough. 

“Many years from now, baking equipment might become newer, baking ingredients might become better but you have to always remember why you bake. It is to create the wonderful memories of your customers that last a lifetime. 

Never forget what you seek to achieve from the beginning. ”


Forest Lim

Cofounder, Cake in Action